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hike messenger Latest Version 5.15.16 APK Download

You get most of features on this messenger as similar to other communication apps. For example, this app is able to send messages, doing voice call, chatting, etc. That matter seems familiar and you can get from Hike or others. To attract more users, developer of this app create interesting feature. There are tons of stickers from basic to customized version to give more variations. Users are able to send sticker to friend during chatting to express more what they feel. Sticker and emoticons turn into important thing for people when doing text messaging or chatting. Customized version means stickers come from users or you create your own sticker then share with others.

Another feature is useful when you need to share data or file. You can transfer data free with Wi-Fi connection. Hike Messenger for Android is more than chatting or messenger app because it emerges as social media. Timeline is available to give the most recent updates from your contacts, friends, and family. Several themes are ready to make the impressive interface, especially for updates and chatting. Those features are the reasons to install this app on smartphones.

Moreover, the developer of this app adds payment method to support financial transactions. There are Hike Wallet and instant transfer. Hike wallet is like personal wallet with useful function to pay anything. You do not need to bring cash as you can use Hike wallet to pay prepaid data. Meanwhile, instant transfer is available from one bank to another. This app works with banks to give easy access when you need to transfer certain amount of money. You just have bank account then set into instant transfer mode. All of features in financial and banking get the top security level. This app uses recent update on security and privacy to make sure no one knows what you do on Hike, except the users themselves.


  • It has basic communication features.
  • It offers payment and financial feature.
  • There are themes and more stickers.
  • It provides stories and timeline feature.


  • You may not need all of features at once.
  • Some stickers are not available globally.

How to Use the App

This app is simple to use. You can save contact then select which one you want to send messages, sticker, chatting, etc. Group chat is useful when you need to communicate with more people at once. You can enjoy discussion about certain topic. It takes time to send multimedia messages depends on internet connection. Just go to internet setting, then select Wi-Fi connection before trying to send data and file mode. Make sure your friend is nearby to reach this mode. Save your chat, then turn into sticker as customized version, then share with others. Basically, you get single app for major social media and communication function.


  • Now customise the default Profile Pics with Cute and Geometric bubbles from Settings> Account
  • Polished Group and Friend’s Info screen
  • Loads of bug fixes to make your experience better

Hike is an instant messaging tool for Android that enables you to communicate with all your friends and contacts even if they don’t have Hike installed on their own device.

Like other instant messaging systems for portable devices, Hike allows you to maintain individual conversations with your friends or create group chats. Anyone can participate in a group chat with their favorite messaging system, even if that’s not Hike.

Other features included in Hike allow you to send quick voice messages, similar to using a walkie-talkie, and to use stickers in your conversations.

Hike also has an option that you can use to limit who can see the last time you were connected. You could make that information visible to a group of close friends, then add and remove people as you see fit.

Hike is a great instant messaging tool that includes tons of options. And, everything is run from a clean, attractive interface.

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