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Download Township Mod Apk V6.4.0 For Android (Unlimited Money)

Android devices and the technological advancements led to the development of a lot of gaming apps which are based on a variety of themes to interest the users. But one of the best gaming idea which comes across as a long term interesting gameplay comes from civilization ideas which allow the user to create and manage a civilisation doing all of this while earning money in order to create the best state of the art city. There are a lot of such apps and it is bound to increase confusion that why we shall suggest you the best available gaming app out there.

The Farmville is restricted to farming activities, the My café is only restricted to running a restaurant but what if you want a game that provides you with a combination of both and the opportunity to run an entire town then you should go for the township which stands out from the existing competition by giving the user an opportunity to manage an entire town and be responsible for everything from the farm activities to the inter town trade to the restaurants and theatres doing all of this while earning money which can be used in order to improve the state and the environment of your city. By making you responsible, the game lets you can develop the best city and be the best player out there.

We shall provide you with the features and gameplay of the Township Mod Apk and the download link which shall provide the user with an exclusive download link which shall give the user an access to the newest working version of the Township Mod Apk.

Features Of The Township Mod Apk:

  • Every gamer has the tendency to get bored by constantly playing the same game again and again. Eventually he/ she shall look for an alternative. The makers, being completely aware of the fact, made sure that the user gets everything in order to keep him/ her hooked. The game offers a lot of cool buildings which can be used by the user to decorate their town in order to stand out and give your own personal touch to your city.
  • The game which allows the user to play the game with their friends provides the user with another level of fun and excitement. This is what the makers made the Township game stand out from the rest because it allows the user to play the game and enjoy with your Facebook friends and Google+ friends. You can compete with them or form clans where you can assist each other in times of difficulties using your town resources.
  • The game allows you to engage in farming activities where you get to be the owner of a farm where you can grow a large variety of crops which can then be sent to the factory in order to be processed into finished goods which you can later trade for coins. There is also an option where you can acquire more land and expand your farm. Farming will turn out to be the most revenue generating activity for you which can later be used for modernization of your city.
  • One of the most amazing feature of the game comes in the form of a zoo because after all who does not love animals. You can take care of your animals and even breed them to get the different exotic animals. A zoo with every species of animals will attract a lot of people which shall eventually translate into more revenue for your town.
  • In order to make the gameplay more interesting and realistic, the makers introduced the concept of real flags and landmarks which means that the gamer can purchase all the famous flags and landmarks such as the statue of Liberty or the Big Ben by paying the fee from the store and use them to decorate your entire town. With everything famous in your city, you will attract a lot more tourists eventually leading to more money for the users.
  • The town also comes with a mine which can be used by the user to mine some ancient artefacts which shall add onto your collection. There is also an opportunity to interact with the people of the town and you can fulfil their orders which shall make them more happy and the main of the game is to actually create a town where everyone is extremely happy.

The rave reviews and ratings of the Township Mod Apk are the perfect justification of its popularity. But if you are not yet convinced then you should definitely go for the next section talking about the added benefit of the Township Mod Apk.

What’s More In The Township Mod Apk?

Township Mod Apk provides the user with the added benefit of getting unlimited money which shall ensure that the user can buy the best quality equipment and product right from the start of the game. The user can make any purchase without for once worrying about the cost. This will ensure that the user puts the best front forward thereby enabling maximum user satisfaction.

Township Mod Apk File Information:

App NameTownshipFile Size97.4 MBVersion6.4.0Operating SystemAndroid 4.0.3 and AboveDeveloperPlayrix GamesLast UpdatedFebruary 2, 2019

How To Download & Install The Township Mod Apk?

  • Press the download link that is given below. A warning text about downloading the mod apk shall appear immediately just as the one shown below:
  • Press on OK which shall begin the download process for the mod apk.
  • After the download process is over, the installation page of the Township Mod Apk will open.
  • Tap on Install and the installation process shall be finished by the android device.

After a day of work tired, there are many people looking for simple titles for entertainment rather than fast-paced games such as shooting or role-playing. At the moment there are a lot of entertainment games, but farm games are always the first choice of many. Because the game simulates a peaceful life, with the everyday work of a farmer. Today we explore Township, which game you not only do the work of the real farmer but you also have to build, run your own town and help it grow.

Build your dream town

Besides Hay Day, Township is also a very popular town management game with over 50 million downloads on Google Play. The first day you enter the town, you will be briefly instructed with simple initial tasks such as plowing the soil to grow the first rice or feed the cows. Your plants will grow and go through a period of time, you can harvest them and sell them for money. You will continue to use this way to produce farm produce and then build a bigger farm.

After each harvest, you will receive experience to level u, then unlock new crops and livestock. You can sell farm produce harvested for money. In addition, there is a more efficient way such as build a factory to produce bread for sale with higher profits.

If you are an animal lover, this game is a paradise. Township is full of lovely animals that you can feed on your farm. You can choose animals for eggs such as chicken, goose, … dairy animals such as cows, goats, … or even pets such as dogs and cats. When raising animals, you need to take care of them and feed them regularly otherwise they will get sick and possibly die.

Upgrade the warehouse

With a large farm, building a warehouse to store agricultural produce is extremely important. Initially, Township offers you a warehouse that does not have much space. So you need to upgrade but this is not really an easy thing when the material is not easy to find. Raw materials to upgrade the warehouse will fall out randomly when harvesting, production, … so the construction of the warehouse is sometimes based on luck. The game allows you to exchange ingredients with other players, so I encourage you to actively interact with your friends to get the materials you want.

Decorate the town

Not just a farm manager, in Township you are the boss of a town. So, your job is to manage, build and develop this town. You need to care about the happiness of citizens, helping your town grow more and more with a growing population.

You can help people to happiness through the construction of amusement such as Zoo, Restaurant, Cinemas, Museums, etc. You can even decorate your town like big cities around the world with works such as the Big Ben clock, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, … I know that all players want their town more beautiful, but first of all, you should focus on developing farms instead of buying early decorations if you don’t want to fall into bankruptcy.


The two money types of Township are gold and dollars. Gold is the most used game in the game and you earn through the production, sell your products. Or you can earn a fair amount of gold through the quest in the game. Gold helps you buy plant varieties or to build new buildings. The dollar is used quite a bit mainly to speed up production or buy some special tools. Harvest time in the game is quite fast, only takes a few minutes. For production and construction, it takes about 15 minutes to 1 hour, you can use the dollar to complete immediately if you don’t want to wait.

Beautiful graphics

Your city is beautifully rendered with 3D graphics and bright colors. Township‘s graphics are so cute and friendly to the player, giving a sense of closeness and tranquility. If you love farm games, this game will bring you the most entertaining moments with a comfortable experience.

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